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circular walk


This is a lovely walk along the river, up into the pretty village of Livadia, and back along the river. It's easy walking along good footpaths, steps, and a small road. The route finding isn't difficult. There is quite a lot of shade, and a short climb up steps to reach the village.

Although it is so close to Chora and easy to get to, Livadia gives you a real taste of Andros villages. There is a pretty church and some nice views back to Chora. The river is shaded by cyprus trees and huge bamboos, and in spring will be lively with frogs and birds. In the summer the water will have disappeared, and you'll often find horses or cows grazing there.

We do this walk, or bits of it, often - it makes for a really nice stroll in the morning or late afternoon, and isn't particularly strenuous.



Starting from and returning to the large church in the main street of Chora (Panagia tis Kimisis) this walk takes around 2 hours at an easy pace.

Once you've explored this area a bit you'll see that it is easy to start and finish at other points - from Paraporti beach, or Karaoulanis apartments for example, so you can make it as long or short as you want.


Places to eat or drink

There is a mezadopolio in Livadia, although we've never actually found it open during the day, so don't rely on it for refreshments!

There is a well in Livadia where you can refill water bottles.



1. At the large church in the main street of Chora, head out of town until you reach the square by the taxi rank. Cross the square, and at the far right corner by a cafe turn right. Follow this road until you come to the open air cinema.

2. At the open air cinema take a left and then almost immediately a right along a slabbed, walled footpath. Follow this path, keeping to the left when the path splits.

3. You'll come to a wooden bridge, well shaded by trees, where you turn right. There is a concrete path running alongside the river bed.

The occasional car or motorbike does come along here, but generally it's very quiet.

4. After 5 minutes or so you'll see some wooden planking across the river, leading to a rather grand door in the wall on the other side. Just past this you want to take a left turn up a small pathway. It's by the side of a house, and looks as if it might be private, or a dead end, but don't be put off, it is the footpath up to the village.


5. When the path divides after a few minutes, go to the right. You'll see a small marble plaque on the wall along the route you want to follow.

6. You are now on a concrete path running between dry stone walls. Follow this up past vineyards, a water tank, olive groves and the occasional house. The path turns into steps, and you climb up these until they stop.

7. At the top of the steps take a right turn, away from the sea and towards the village. There are a couple of well placed benches here where you can have a rest after climbing up the steps.

From this point you can just see the blue dome on top of the church tower - this is where you are heading, and is a useful landmark. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the church from this point.

8. The pretty, white painted footpath curves around the side of the hill, through the village. Carry straight on along it, ignoring turn-offs.


9. Before long the footpath dips down into the valley, where a small bridge crosses a stream. Steps go up the other side of the valley until you come out on the road, just above the church. It's worth going into the church court yard, as you get some lovely views back to Chora and the sea.

10. When you come out of the church, turn right immediately, and follow the footpath and steps back down on to the river path. You'll come out opposite a picturesque ruined bridge, only about 5 minutes further along this road from the point (4) at which you turned off before going up into the village.


11. Retrace your steps back to the church - the route will be obvious. It takes about 30 minutes to get from here back to your original starting point at the church.

12. If you wanted to vary your route back, turn right when you reach the bridge, rather than left up into Chora. Follow this small road until it divides, where you take a left. Go across the new, large concrete bridge, then turn right along the road, which runs beside the river. This comes out at Paraporti beach, from where you can climb up the steps to the cafes in the main square.