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This is a great walk. For relatively little effort you find yourself high on wild mountainside. The old stone paths and steps are in good condition and very picturesque.

You get fantastic views back across Chora, and I really enjoy exploring Sineti.

The path is well marked and mostly very easy to follow. There's quite a lot of up and down, and the stone paths can be a little rough underfoot at points. There isn't any shade, and you're very exposed to the sun on the mountainside, so not a walk for a blazing hot day.



Starting from Paraporti beach, this walk takes around two and a half hours, walking at a reasonable pace and without allowing for any breaks.

If you don't fancy doing the whole thing it's still worth climbing up the steps to the top of the hill and getting the great views back to Chora.

The views are particularly nice in the evening light, and it'll be a bit cooler walking at that time of day.

If you'd like to explore more of the Dipotamata Valley there are some suggestions at the end.


Places to eat or drink

There is a taverna/cafe in Sineti. It's very local, in a pleasant setting in the middle of the village. Although I've never actually stopped here, other people report that they've had a friendly welcome.

I wouldn't rely on it being open out of season.

There is a well in the village, near to the taverna, where you could refill water bottles.



1. You are on Route 3 for this walk, and there are sign posts and markers along the way.

Route 3 starts from behind Paraporti beach, by the side of the Paraporti Beach taverna. To get there from the main square in Chora, go down the main steps to Paraporti beach, by the side of the Parea taverna.

Walk to the far end of Paraporti beach, and then go right on to the road that runs alongside the sports ground.

Follow this road round for a few minutes until you come to the Paraporti taverna on your left. Just past the taverna you'll see a wooden sign marking the start of Route 3.


The sign claims that it is a 45 minute walk to Sineti from here - I'd say it takes a little longer than this although obviously it depends on your walking pace.

2. The concrete path runs alongside the taverna and a field, and soon becomes steps, which go steeply up the hillside. Before too long these come out on the road that runs out to the heliport. We sometimes just come up this far, and go along to the little church on the road to admire the views back.

3. Cross the road, and on to a footpath almost immediately opposite. There are Route 3 markers or red dots marking this. Stone steps take you steeply down to the valley bottom. There's a pretty river here, with lots of flat stones and bamboo. You can see the white crescent of Lidi Bay off to your left.


4. The footpath goes straight on, climbing steeply up the other side of the valley, until it hits another road. Cross the road and pick up the path again on the other side, almost immediately opposite.

5. You are now on a clear, wide, comfortable path which is easy to follow. It climbs up the mountain, amongst beautiful scenery.

There are Route 3 markers along the way, but basically you just go straight ahead on this path as it climbs up and round the side of the mountain.

As the next valley comes into view the path goes down to the left and out onto an asphalt road.

6. To get to Sineti you need to turn right and follow the road up the hill for 5 minutes or so. You'll see signs for the village of Sineti on your left, on the corner as the road bends round to the right.

7. Take any of the steps or footpaths going off to your right, into the centre of the village. Sineti is strung out down the steep side of the valley.


It's a maze of footpaths and steps, which wind up and down and round and across and are easy to lose your way in. I just give in to this and accept that I might not be taking the most direct route, but am enjoying getting there!

A good guide is the church, which you can see from most parts of the village. If you head in this general direction, you'll find the local taverna and cafe.

8. To get back to Chora just retrace you steps. There is a R3 marker at the start of the footpath, so it's not hard to find.

If you want to wander around Sineti more you could aim down the hill, to the river in the valley. There's a little church on the hillside opposite, with white washed steps climbing up to it, which would make for a pleasant bit of exploration. Someone I chatted to in the village told me that the network of old stone paths continues on from this church and around the headland, but that you'd need the guidance of a local to find them.

When you are in Sineti you don't get the full impact of its dramatic position - the best viewing point for this is to walk out of the far side of the village and back up on to the asphalt road leading to Korthi. Walk away from Sineti for a few minutes along this road to see a great view of the steep wild valley with the village clinging down the valley side and the sea behind it.

For a lot of hikers getting to Sineti is just the start of a walk through the Dipotamata valley and all the way to Ormos Korthi. If you want to do this, then you will find an excellent guide on Raymond Verdoolaege's site, Walking, Hiking and Trekking in the Cyclades.