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Route two
Route Two


This walk explores the start of Route Two from Chora. It takes you steeply up above Nimborio beach, with some great views back on Chora, and then on to Apikia. There is a classic lions head well in Apikia, and a very pretty waterfall close by at Pithara, which is well worth visiting.

This is a well marked route on a lovely old stone footpath. It starts off very steeply, and is a little rough underfoot - we found we had to pay quite a lot of attention to where we were putting our feet, especially on the way back down.

There's no shade as you climb up the mountainside, but if you continue on to Apikia there are more trees.



When we timed this walk, it took us around an hour to get to the crest of the hill, where the path starts to descends to Apikia.

From there it isn't that far into Apikia, but you will probably want to wander round the village a bit, making this a round trip of about 3 hours.

If you think you'd like to do a longer hike, as usual we'd recommend checking out the walks on Raymond Verdoolaege's site, Walking, Hiking and Trekking in Greece


He has three walks from Chora - to Apikia and Pithara; to Vourtaki; and to Apikia, Stenies and Giala.

There is a taverna in Apikia, close to the hotel on the main staircase in the centre of the village. You could also refill water bottles at the spring in Apikia.

Finding the start of Route 2

At the Chora end of Niborio beach there is a small shopping street with a bakers, supermarket and Karamanalis cycle hire shop in it. On the righthand side of the street is a run of tavernas (which face out on to a terrace and the sea on the other side).


Go along this street, past the garage, until you come to a bridge crossing a dry (in summer) river bed going up to the left. Cross the bridge and turn immediately left. You'll find a wooden signpost here to Apikia.

On you left you'll see a small children’s playground, and on your right there are houses and a very local, old fashioned kafeneion.

Just past the playground there is a stone wall. Turn right here along a small footpath, and you are on Route Two.



1. Basically you want to follow the stone path until you reach the crest of the hill. You will cross a couple of roads, but the footpath is always pretty clear.

2. When you reach a bigger, asphalt road, cross it and go straight ahead (there is a large red dot).

3. The path you want to take is a gravel track, which curves round and down the hill. At this point you can see down into the green valley and across to the various villages scattered on the mountainside.


4. Follow this until you get to a gate - the path continues by the side of it. Soon the path divides, and you go down to the right.

You'll be walking parallel with the road for a short while, and then the path dips down and crosses the road. It continues on the other side, taking you to a really pretty copse of trees, with a bridge over the river.

5. Continue along the path until you reach the road again, where you cross and pick up the path on the other side.

6. A little further down the path divides: straight ahead (on the right of the iron gate) hike no. 8 continues to Steniés and the beach of Giália.

You want to take a left here, onto a staircase which takes you up into the village.

7. As you come out into the village, you'll see on your right the hotel "Pigí Sáriza". On the left-hand side of the hotel there is a broad white staircase. Climb up this for a short way, and you'll find the lions head Sáriza-well on your left.

Chora sign

The water from this spring is bottled at a small factory in the village - look out for it at tavernas in Chora.

From here you could continue to the waterfall at Pithara, go down the valley to the coast, or continue on up into the mountains.

Or you could simply retrace your steps back to Chora.