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aghia triada



The church of Aghia Triadha sits high up on the hill above Nimborio beach. It perches above the harbour at the far end of the big sweep of Nimborio bay, and is an obvious destination.

It's only a short walk to get there, with a steep but brief pull up a rough track. Once there you are rewarded with fantastic views back to Chora and out over the valley beyond. It's lovely as a late afternoon stroll, when the light has softened and the climb isn't quite so hot.

This is also the first stage of the walk to Piso Ghialia beach, or if you are feeling energetic you could head up the valley to Stenies and Apikia.


From the tavernas at the start of Nimborio beach it takes about an hour, round trip. You could combine it with a swim and a coffee on Nimborio beach.



1. Walk along Nimborio beach - either along the beach itself, or the road that runs alongside it.

2. When you reach the far corner of the beach, the road continues off to your left to Apikia. Turn up this and almost immediately on your right thereís a fairly new, paved foot path, which runs up the hill by the side of the Casa Del Mer bar.

3. The asphalt road to Apikia zig zags up the hill and you could walk up it to the church. But it's quicker and pleasanter to take the foot path, which basically goes straight up the hill, crossing the road at a couple of points and continuing on the other side.


4. The path is reasonably clear. It goes up a scrubby bit of hillside, where there are concrete posts roughly marking the route. This emerges out on to the asphalt road. You'll see Aghia Triadha and a derelict stone tower off to your right. There is a wide dirt path which leads to the church.

5. From the church you get great views in three directions - back to Chora; up to the mountain villages of Stenies and Apikia and down to the coast, where you can see the bay of Gialia below you, and beyond that the beach of Piso Gialia.

6. If you wanted to go down to coast, you need to go back on to the asphalt road and follow it round to where it bends sharply to the left. On your right there is a steep, rough track leading straight down. Itís a ten minute scramble down this to the beach.