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Andros is a delight to explore on foot. Old stone footpaths take you to monastries, villages, old bridges, windmills, beaches, caves, ancient drowned cities, watery valleys and wind blown mountains. Along the way you get wonderful views, white-washed wells, beautiful stone walls, lush green valleys and lots of gushing water. Unusually for a Cycladic island there are rivers, springs and wells everywhere.


We've been visiting Andros since 2004, and started writing up our walks just to remind ourselves of what we'd done on previous visits. If you are interested in a bit of walking in and around Chora we hope you'll find them a helpful starting point.

You dont have to be a serious mountain hiker to tackle these, and we've always got a lot out of just a little bit of exploration. Some of the walks can be done in an hour and probably only really qualify as strolls - but will give you a real flavour of Andros countryside and villages. All of our walks are based around Chora and none are more than 3 to 4 hours.

Following on from our most recent visit to Andros in September 2013, were in the process of updating and adding walks. There are links to these below.

As this job might take some time, weve also left up our original 2004 notes of our favourite Andros walks.

Some of these are a little out of date now, but we think are still useful as a guide if you're going before we managed to get the updates done!

We would also really recommend Walking, Hiking and Trekking in the Cyclades. This fantastically useful site is the work of Raymond Verdoolaege, and has clear, detailed directions for 34 different walks on Andros. Raymond is a frequent visitor, and updates his walks regularly. He has a range of walks, varying from exploring Chora to a full day's hike across the island.

Our favourite walks on Andros


Livadia circular walk

A gentle walk along the river, to the pretty village of Livadia. It's easy walking along village paths, steps, and a small road. The route finding isn't difficult. There is quite a lot of shade, and a short climb up steps to reach the village. It takes about 2 hours.

Here's a printer friendly version: Livadia circular walk


The church on the hill

The church of Aghia Triadha perches above the harbour at the far end of the big sweep of Nimborio bay. It's only a short walk to get there, with a steep but brief pull up a rough track. Once there you have fantastic views all round. It takes about an hour for a round trip from the tavernas at the start of Nimborio beach.

Here's a printer friendly version: The church on the hill


Piso Gialia beach

This is a 30 minute extension of the walk to Aghia Triada 'the church on the hill'. It takes you to a pretty, sandy cove, with a short detour to look at the river.

It takes around 40 minutes to get there, and has a couple of steep ascents and descents.

Here's a printer friendly version: Piso Gialia beach


Sineti and back

A walk from Chora to the village of Sineti and back. A well marked path, following Route 3, along old stone footpaths and steps. There's quite a lot of up and down, and this walk is relatively strenuous.

It takes about two and a half hours.

Here's a printer friendly version: Sineti and back


Exploring Route One towards Lamyra

This walk explores Route One from Chora. It takes you through villages and into the watery interior of the island. It's moderately easy walking, a little bit uneven under foot at points. Its sheltered from sea winds, and there is some shade. It takes about 2 and a half hours.

Here's a printer friendly version: Exploring Route One towards Lamyra


Exploring route 2 towards Apikia

This walk explores Route Two from Chora. It takes you steeply up above Nimborio beach and then on to Apikia. It is a well marked route on a lovely old stone footpath. Quite a pull up at the start, and is a little rough underfoot. There's no shade until you get close to Apikia. It takes around 3 hours.

Here's a printer friendly version: Exploring route two to Apikia