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eating out in greece

Eating out is one of the really enjoyable things about being in Greece. If you are looking for cordon bleu cookery, minimal food artistically presented, or rich sauces then you are in the wrong place. But if you are happy with good fresh ingredients, simply but carefully cooked, in a sociable atmosphere and at a very reasonable price then you won't be disappointed. Add to that, in some cases, incredible views and you have the recipe (pun intended) for a great night out.

Admittedly there are, now, a few places in Athens where you can pay London or Paris type prices and where the food apparently matches what a Parisian restaurant would provide. You wont find those on this web-site! What we do have are the kind of places that Greeks themselves eat, mostly fairly traditional, inexpensive tavernas with good food and a lively atmosphere.

Some of them, in more heavily touristed areas (essentially Plaka in Athens), also serve a lot of tourists in summer but none are places that rely on tourists for their trade. They are all open, and doing good business, in the winter.

In terms of price they are, with the odd exception, the kind of place you can expect to spend around 30 euros for a meal for two consisting of a couple of starters, a couple of main dishes and some house wine. If you are keen to drink bottled wine this would push the price up, but we'd really encourage you to try and get a taste for the draught wines served: cheaper, certainly, but also more varied especially outside Athens where you can still find tavernas serving wine from grapes grown on a family member's farm.

Greeks tend to eat late - you'll see people coming into tavernas at 11.30 or later. If you're eating at 7pm and wondering where all the Greeks are, you need to come back at 9.30pm or later to find out.