Ermioni restaurants
Ermioni restuarants


This is the first place we tried in Ermioni. It is on the Mandraki side of the town, and has a reasonably large inside, and tables along the side of the habour overlooking the sea.

At this time of year the outside area is covered, but in warmer weather you'd get lovely views out to sea from here.

We ate outside on the lunch-time of our first day, and really enjoyed it. It was fairly quiet (everywhere was, not surprisingly as it was March) but there was a large Greek family having a long and sociable meal, which made it feel quite lively. It's very pleasant sitting outside in Mandraki, which has a laid-back island feel to it. There aren't many cars and the wide promenade is full of cafes and tavernas. All with a spectacular view over the sea and spits of land.

Tassos restaurant

We also ate inside one evening, which I didn't like quite as much. The atmosphere felt quite different - a bit smarter than outside, and more aimed at tourists. Though that wasn't really born out by what was happening in there, which was pretty much the same as in every taverna at this time of year - one or two locals having a meal, a few locals popping in for a chat, football on the TV.....

I didn't like the food so much the second time, but that might just have been my choice - cod and garlic sauce which was a bit dry.

When we ate at lunch time we had butter beans in tomato sauce, greek salad, chips, greens (horta) and a beer for 19 euros. Food very nice, served by Tassos (we assume) and all done in Greek in a very matter of fact way.



This is on the port side of town. It was often the only place that was open, so we went here several times. Even when there were other places open it was generally livelier, with people eating meals, take-away souvlakis or just sitting down with a jug of wine.

It has quite a modern look to it, despite being called 'paradosiakos' (traditional). In atmosphere, though, it is on the traditional side.

They do a good trade in take-away souvlaki, and you can get a decent cheap meal in here.

They also have a range of other dishes - everything we tried was good. The staff are very friendly, and quickly got to treat us as if we were regulars.

This picture shows the outside seating area, on the harbour side. As you can see from the dark clouds and empty seats, it wasn't warm enough to sit outside at this time of year, though I imagine it is very nice in the summer. You look out over the fishing harbour, where there is usually a fair amount of activity. The restaurant itself is on the other side of the road, and has a big indoors.

They usually had a TV on - this might be just at this time of year, and because there is a lot of football on at the moment. Everywhere - cafes and restaurants - seem to have TVs. The one here had the sound turned down, and they were playing nice Greek music so it didn't really dominate. And one night Alan was very pleased (except for the result) because they had the Liverpool/Lille match on.

The first time we had fava, corgette and cheese balls, cabbage and carrot salad and a chicken souvlaki, plus 2 x jugs house wine. It came to 26 euros. Huge plate of fava, pureed so it was very smooth and quite runny - not like any fava we've had before. Thought it was a little bland, but it mixed well with the cabbage and carrot salad. The fried corgette balls were delicious, and the souvlaki also good.

On the second visit we had corgette balls, greek salad, tzatziki, beef in tomatos and 2 wines - for 28 euros.


This is 'the oldest tavern in the saronic gulf' and is on the port side of the town, close to the hydrofoil stop. They also run a couple of blocks of studios/rooms - 'filoxenia' - one just inland from the restaurant, and one right at the end of the harbor, just at the start of the Bitsi.

We didn't take to this place, although the food was fine. There was something about the atmosphere which made it feel more touristy and impersonal, though it's hard to say just what it was. The décor and sitting isn't great, and felt like it was set up for larger groups. They had a TV on quite loud down one end and then this quite distant and formal service.

We had aubergine dip, horta, roast pork and a chicken souvlaki plus 2 wines and cake and icecream on the house at the end. It is slightly more expensive than other places here - came to 39 euros.



This is at the Bitsi end of Mandraki, set slightly higher up from the harbor, on the road that goes over the port side. It has an outside area which overlooks the sea. Next to it are white washed steps leading down to a little pebbly swimming cove.

At this time of year the outside area has plastic protectors all round it, and a couple of space heaters, making it into another room.

We really liked this place. The waiters were very friendly - it felt like they were including us rather than serving us - and we immediately took to the atmosphere. It was reasonably busy on a wet Saturday night - it wasn't open every night at this time of year.

They also had a TV showing the football, but the sound was turned down, and they were playing nice Greek music.

We had a boiled corgette and potato salad (the corgettes were really tasty) and a tomato and olive salad, chicken fillet and pork chop.

They gave us a desert of fruit and halva, and when we got the bill, brought us a couple of glasses of tsiporou to aid our digestion (not so much of an aid to the walk home up the hill!) It came to 34 euros.

We would have come back and eaten here again, only it wasn't open - like a lot of the tavernas it only seemed to open at weekends at this time of year.

The night club next door started up at around 11pm, playing very loud Greek music with multi-coloured flashing lights. It seemed a bit out of keeping on a wet March night, but perhaps it fits in more during the summer when, according to the guide book, there are 'parties till dawn' in Mandraki.


This is in a very scenic position on the stretch of road between Mandraki and the Bitsi, just along from the Kouvla. It has an outside area on the sea side of the road, with the usual lovely views.

We ate inside, which felt very much like eating in someone's front room. There was a lovely wood fire, a couple of people who were clearly regulars having a meal, and an older couple who ran the place. The woman sat at a 'home' table and got on with some knitting, and the man had his chair pulled up close to the fire. We were served by a younger man, who then went and joined in the general chat with the two other people in there.

The food was really nice, the chicken souvlaki has a special (very tasty) sauce).

Enjoyed the atmosphere and general feel of the place.