Erminoni walks

We spent a week in Ermioni just exploring the town, doing some short walks and relaxing in cafes and tavernas.

From Ermioni to the Monastry of St Anagryi

This is about a 2 hour round trip from where we were staying at the Tree House. The Tree House is right at the top end of the town - if you are staying lower down, then start by walking along the road coming out of Mandraki towards Porto Heli along the coast.

Walk along the road skirting the bay until you come to a big stand of eucalyptus trees, surrounding a small church. This isn't a very busy road, but you do need to keep an eye out for fast cars and big lorries. Behind the eucalyptus trees there is a road signposted to the monastery. Follow this straight up until you reach the monastery - this will be obvious.

It's a quiet road with orange and olive trees on either side. When I came back down this road a shepherd was herding a flock of sheep and lambs through the orange grove. Some of them had clangy bells around their necks, and the shepherd seemed to be directing them with whistles - as if he had a dog herding them up, but I couldn't see one. The lambs all looked very contented and frisky, but then they didn't know that Easter was only a few weeks away....


Follow the track up for about ten minutes, and you'll come to the monastry on your left. Nicos told us that you could go inside and look round, and that it is a very peaceful and relaxing place. Although it is called a monastry, it is infact nuns who live there. The door is always kept locked, so if you want to go in you have to ask them to open it.

Next follow a track that goes to the left behind the monastery and take the dirt track that almost immediately goes off to your right, going quite steeply up hill. (If you continue on the orginal path it winds round the base of the hill, and comes out further along the bay. However it goes right in front of a small farm, and a pack of wildly barking dogs leapt out at me, causing me to do a quick retreat)

The track going off on the right goes up and round the hill. It's an obvious path and easy to follow. In about 15 minutes you come out at a little chapel, with fantastic views all round. Unusually for Greece, the chapel looks quite dilapidated and uncared for.


From this vantage point you can see Kranidi, and the houses on Spetse, as well as a fantastic view back over Ermioni.

Another option, if you have the time, would be to make a detour to a taverna on the way back. When you get to the eucalyptus trees, turn right, going away from Ermioni.

About 5 minutes along on your right, there is a taverna called 'tou dromou sten agia'. This is the second taverna you pass - apparently the first one isn't so good.

Although we haven't been there, the taverna was recommended by Nicos, who said it did very good, fresh, home-cooked food. It looks out over the sea to Ermioni.

There is a strip of beach that runs in front of the taverna, along the road. It's not a great beach, but the sea is clear and clean - a good place for a swim after the walk.

Around the Bisti


This is the most obvious walk to do in Ermioni. The end of the headland between Mandraki and the port is a pine forest, with a footpath that runs all the way round it. There are little stony coves where you can swim, and gorgeous views. In March it was very green and covered in spring flowers.

It only takes about 20/25 minutes to walk round it, and it's lovely.

There is also an ancient archeological site here. The Bisti was at one time an Acropoli, with walls all around it and a temple at the center. All that remains now are a few remnants of walls and some marble slabs.

To the windmill and church


You can see the church and windmill on the opposite headland when you are on the port side of town. Just walk along the sea in front of the school and football pitch, and follow the road up the hill. It's a short walk with big rewards in terms of the view back over Ermioni, which is spectacular.

The windmill has a café - this wasn't open when we went up there, but might have been at other times as it was lit up at night. The road continues to a big industrial plant of some sort - electricity power station, perhaps? A road then continues, but we didn't explore any further