Byzantine Museum

4 euro entrance fee December 2009

This has been transformed since we last went, with new wings and fantastic new displays.

In December 2009 there was an exhibition of Andy Warhol images, looking at his portraits in particular, which was very good.

The museum has lots of stonework and carvings, as well as icons. There are some really lovely and characterful carvings.

When we first visited this museum about 15 years ago these were all a bit musty and dusty and jumbled up together. The revamped museum has highlighted the most impressive pieces, and everything is displayed in a very imaginative and interesting way.

This is quite a small museum - we took about an hour, and while you could spend longer we saw everything. It feels a very manageable size to do in one visit.

Evangellisos tube station is very near. The park outside of this tube has been recently done up and is a big improvement.

We got the number 15 trolley bus from Platiea Mercuri. You could walk to this museum quite easily from Syntagma (15 to 20 mins) and it takes you close to the Cycladic and Benaki museums if you wanted to make a day of it.


Byzantine icon

byzantine sculpture