maria ninou

Dionysios Savvopoulos concert

At the Pallas theatre December 2009. Tickets cost 50 euros

We went to see Dionysis Savvopoulos play at the Pallas theatre near Syndagma. Tickets were 50 euros each, but this gave us good centre stage seats in the back stalls.


The concert was a 60's retrospective, advertised as 'Savvopoulos and friends' (but he only had one friend on that night - older guy whose name we didn't catch).

Savvopoulos is a political singer/songwriter, and the words to his songs are clearly significant. He also talked quite a lot in between songs, so our limited understanding of Greek was a bit frustrating. We could still work out quite a lot of what this was about, though, with the help of projected images at points.

His music is a sort of Greek folky rock (he's sometimes called the Greek Bob Dylan, though we wouldn't go that far...), and has lefty and radical lyrics - for example one of the things he played was the Internationali.

We'd been introduced to his music some years ago by a Greek friend, but haven't listened to it as much as some of our other Greek music - probably because the lyrics are an important part of the song, and we mostly don't understand them!

Anyway, we bought a CD of his greatest hits to take away and listen to and perhaps translate.