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agias monis


This is a short walk that takes you out into the orange groves and fields behind the Palimidi fort, and up to an old Byzantine monastery.

If you wanted to extend this walk there are paths behind the monastery that can be explored as far as Tolo.

Agias Monis (sometimes called Moni Panagias) is about 3 km from Nafplio, and, depending on whereabouts in Nafplio you start from, is about a 45 minute walk each way Ė so allow a couple of hours.

Itís an easy walk, mainly on small roads. You get some good views back over Nafplio as well as the chance to visit an old monastery.

From the bus station in Nafplio, walk up 25 Martiou. This is a long, straight road leading up towards the Evangelista church, which sits prominently on the hill in front of you.

Itís also the street where the fruit and veg market is held on Wed and Saturday, and the main road into the suburb of Pronia.


As you walk up 25 Martiou, you'll go past shops and tavernas, with glimpses of the Palimidi rising behind the buildings on your right. After 10 minutes or so you leave the shops behind. Youíll see the Evangelista Church to your right.

The road gets quite a lot steeper and the pavement disappears. This is the road up to the Palimidi and Karathona beach, so can get busy. There is a blind corner where you need to take care. But you are only on this bit of road for a few minutes Ė soon it divides, and you take the quieter, left hand road.

The road now dips downhill, through fields and orange groves and past the occasional goat. You may spot a couple of signs to the Ouzo distillery and museum, which is on your left after a few minutes. You can arrange for tours, and they have a shop in town with very helpful staff.

After 10 minutes or so the road divides, and you need to keep to the left. This isnít a busy road, and you just continue along it as it curves round slightly to the left.

When you come to the next junction you want to turn right Ė there is a sign post to the monastery at this point.


Walk up this steep road for about 5 minutes, and youíll see the monastery car park on your right. You get some good views from here back towards Nafplio. A bit further on is the monastery itself.

Just outside the monastery walls there is a fresh water spring, and a pond with goldfish. People drive up here to fill up large quantities of water bottles, as the spring water is sweeter and fresher than the tap water in the area.

When we were there in December 2014 they were doing extensive renovations, and the monastery was shrouded in plastic sheeting and scaffolding, so it was hard to get a sense of it.

The church is inside the monastery walls, and you can go in and visit it, and it is, apparently, a particularly good example of Byzantine architecture.

You can return the same way, or make it a circular walk by following the road back down, and then turning left along Agias Monis. This road runs parallel to the main to Tolo, and will bring you back into Nafplio.

agias monis

Another option is to make a short detour into the village of Aria, and then come back on to the Agias Monis road.

Aria is on your right as you come down the hill, and is signposted. Aria is now really just a suburb of Nafplio, and didnít seem to have shops or cafes, but itís pleasant enough, with some fresh water springs, and a small square.

The bus to Tolo stops at Aria, which would be another way of getting back, or cutting off a bit of the walk if you wanted to do a longer walk starting from the monastery.

If you want to go furtherÖ

If you are feeling adventurous there are longer walks that you can do from the monastery.

A dirt track starts just outside the monastery wall, hugging the wall for a few yards. It then opens out on to the hillside, and there are good views back to Nafplio and the fort. Even if you don't fancy setting off across the hills, it's worth coming up a little way just to see the view.

The dirt track leads into a network of paths, which take you out on to the hills and into deeper countryside. Apparently these go as far as Tolo and other local villages, but you could just explore them a little bit and circle back.

Itís also possible to get out on to the other side of this mountain by going to the nearby village of Aria, and then walking right up through the village to the very top. From there you should see a footpath out on to the mountain. A walk from Aria to Lefkakia along these hillside paths is recommended on the great website Visit Nafplio