Greek ramblings


This is a fantastic walk for a minimum of effort. It takes about 45 minutes to go from the town beach to the near edge of Karathona beach and youíll be treated to fantastic views of the mountain and sea all the way.

The path starts from the car park above the town beach. Just cross the car park and take the obvious track on your left, which winds along the edge of the cliff. An alternative starting point is the harbour front, from where you can combine this with the walk around the headland described above.


This is a well maintained, broad gravel path which winds around the edge of the cliff, at first above the sea and then dipping down to sea level. To your left are the towering rocks which form the base of the fort, and to your right are dramatic views across the sea to the mountains that go down the spine of the Peloponnese.

There are eucalyptus, fir and fig trees along the route, as well as bergonvillia , euphorbia and numerous other bushes and shrubs I canít name. There are lots of stone seats along the route so you can sit and admire the views.

sea and sun

Itís possible to scramble down to a small cove near the beginning of the path, and about half way along the path runs alongside another rocky little cove. Itís stony underfoot, but possible to swim in sparkling clear water from both of these.

You get truly amazing sunsets here as well Ė even if you donít fancy the whole walk, stroll for five minutes down this path, find a seat and take in a spectacular sunset.

This is a well used path, and popular with joggers and walkers. On a grey December afternoon I encountered a steady stream of people Ė sprinting, jogging, speed walking, strolling, or just tottering along to the nearest bench.

At the start of Karathona beach there is a little harbour, with pleasure and fishing boats lined up.

Karathona beach itself is a broad sweep of tree lined gritty sand, and you can extend your walk along the beach.