Greek ramblings

There is lots of great exploration in and around Nafplio. In the town itself there are two forts to explore, a costal walk and the old town to wander around.

Nafplio is in a gorgeous natural setting, with the mountains and sea providing a spectacular back drop to views of the picturesque old city. There are wonderful sunsets looking across the sea to the mountains - you can take a short walk to enjoy them, or just join the Greeks in their evening stroll along the harbour front, usually involving a stop in one of the cafes.

We donít drive, so everything I've described here can be managed on public transport. Local buses are reliable and reasonably frequent - you can pick up a timetable from the Nafplio bus station. Taxis can be a really useful way of working round some of the limitations of the bus service, but they are quite pricy. There is a taxi rank outside the bus station, and another on the Tolon road, near the hospital.

There are two major sites close to Nafplio: Mycenae and Epidaurus. Both are fantastic, and really worth visiting. Buses go right to the sites in the summer - it is a bit trickier, but not impossible, out of season. There is loads of information on both these sites available on the internet and in guide books, so we havenít covered them here.


We bought a map - Orama 408, 1:45.000 that covers the Nafplio/Tolo area at the bookshop in Nafplio.

This is worth getting, and there are a number of footpaths marked on the map. However, on the whole these arenít managed hiking trails, so arenít sign-posted and may not always translate very accurately into actual footpaths on the ground!

If youíve got internet access a look at Google Earth is always helpful.


Weíd really recommend Visit Nafplio a great site by a Norwegian woman who lives in Nafplio.

Itís full of detailed, useful information concentrating on Nafplio but also covering the Argolid and Peloponnese. We used it lots both before and during our stay.

The walks and explorations we suggest can generally be done in a couple of hours, and arenít major hikes Ė although they could provide good starting points for longer outings if you wanted.

Walks and outings in and around Nafplio


A Lion and a Church

If you want to see a bit more of Nafplio than the old town, this is a good place to start.

It's a short stroll around the neighbourhood of Pronia, past a stone lion and to up to Evangelismos church.

The main street, 25 Martiou, is lively with shops and tavernas, and there is a great view from the church.


Headland Walk

This flat, broad path clings to the side of the cliff, at the foot of the Acronafplia fort.

It goes from the harbour front to the town beach.

It's a gentle, easy stroll with rewarding views.


Karathona Beach

This is an extension of the Headland walk, along a gorgeous costal path to Karathona beach, with the option to explore further once you are there.

There are small stony coves along the way where you can swim. At Karathona there is a cafe, taverna and beach umbrellas in season.


An ancient monastry and mountain paths

This is a short walk to Agias Monis, an ancient Byzantine monastry. You walk on small roads through orange groves, past an ouzo distillery and a curious family of goats.

There are lovely views from the monastry, and you can explore further on footpaths which criss-cross the mountainside.


A visit to Ancient Assini

Ancient Assini is just 30 minutes by bus from Nafplio. It's a small but interesting site, and worth a visit.

A visit here could be combined with a swim or a meal in the nearby sea-side resort of Tolo.

There are more walks you can do in the Assini area, and in season, a beach and taverna at the site itself.


A visit to Ancient Tiryns

Ancient Tiryns is very easily reached from Nafplio, either on foot or by bus.

The site has some amazing walls, and the nearby beehive tomb - the tholos of tiryns - rivals those at Mycenae, and you are much more likely to have it to yourself.