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nafplio balconies

There are lots of places to stay in Nafplio, and the choice has increased considerably since our first visit about 20 years ago. A lot of the derelict and tumble-down mansions of the old town have been renovated into smart upmarket hotels. These all look lovely, and are usually beautifully situated, but can be very pricey.


There is also a cluster of pensions at the top of the old town, though these still arenít particularly cheap.

To find these, climb any of the stairs up as high as you can get and walk along the street which runs right along the bottom of the Acronafplio fort.

These places often have great views, and some, at least, will be open all year round. Prices seemed to be around 50 euros in December 2011.

The more standard, modern hotels are on the edges of the old town, with a couple of budget places out along the beginnings of the road to Argos.

There's lots of information on the internet, so we haven't gone in to a lot of detail here.

These are some of the places we've stayed at.

Ypsiladi Apartment


There don't seem to be a huge number of apartments around in Nafplio itself, which is surprising, given the popularity of the place.

In December 2011 we stayed in this one in Ypsiladi Street, one of the maze of streets just behind the waterfront, close to the Epidavros Hotel.

Itís a very spacious and pleasant apartment, about 5 minutes walk from the bus station. Itís really well situated, close to the waterfront as well as the cafes and tavernas around the main square.

At the end of the road is a very nice little bakery, where you can get bread fresh out of the oven for breakfast.


The apartment is clean, comfortable and very well equipped, with loads of storage space. There are balconies opening out from every room, and plenty of places to sit out in warm weather. The kitchen is small but really well stocked with useful kitchen equipment. Thereís a TV, lots of helpful information about Nafplio, and a couple of shelves of guide books and novels.

The hot water runs from solar panels in the summer. On winter days it has to be switched on and allowed to heat up for 20 minutes or so, but is then plentiful and very hot.

In winter there is background heating from radiators, which are on for set periods of time. You can supplement this if necessary with air conditioning in the sitting room and bedroom, and electric radiators and fire in the dining room.

We picked up the keys for the apartment from the Avis/Staikos travel agents on the harbour front. We were a couple of hours earlier than weíd said, but this wasnít a problem and Christos took us straight to the apartment. It all felt very easy to sort out.

It's a great place to stay - my one doubt about it would be how noisy it might be in the summer. The tables from two neighbouring tables are right under your window, and this could be noisy on hot summer nights.

The Hotel Nafplia

This hotel is just outside the old town, past the Carrefore supermarket. It is a large, modern hotel, and there are several others of a similar nature in the same area. It was reasonably priced, nothing fancy but comfortable and clean, with friendly and helpful staff.

The rooms have balconies, some with pleasant views looking out across pine trees to the houses climbing up the hill to the large church of Evagelistria.

It doesn't have the atmosphere of some of the converted mansions in the heart of the old town but on the other hand it is cheaper.

This is their website: Hotel Nafplia

The Hotel Ippoliti

This is a renovated mansion, just off the seafront in a narrow street behind the Hotel Agamemnon. It has elegant, spacious and comfortable rooms and a large, comfortable lounge with a real fire in the winter. The breakfast is very good.

Thereís a very small pool, which I canít really comment on as it was empty during our winter visit.

Itís a lovely hotel, but you pay for the privilege. On their website they are showing prices of £95 to £170, depending on which room you have, for May 2014.

This is their website: Hotel Ippoliti

Epidavros Hotel

This is Ė or was Ė a fairly inexpensive hotel in the network of narrow streets behind the harbour front. We didnít like it that much when we stayed here on our first winter visit, finding it a bit damp, cold and uncomfortable and the rooms small. We havenít been back Ė it might have changed hands and improved in the intervening 20 years! It doesn't have a web-site, but there are reviews on Trip Advisor.